Location: India, South India
Price: $3,300

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  • Day 01 – Arrive Chennai from Ahmedabad/ Mumbai

    Arrive at Chennai airport.  Chennai – Madras, which recently reverted to its historical name Chennai, is the capital of the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu. It is the fourth largest metropolis of India, after New Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta. Chennai is a seaside (and a major port) city, where the sea is a rhapsodist blue, hugging the second largest beach in the world. It has many monuments and temples exemplifying the contributions of the Chola and Pallava Dynasties to the ancient Dravidian civilization. Chennai also has the ancient churches and Cathedrals pointing to British heritage of 150 years. (Meals:D)  

    Day 02 – Chennai

    Morning breakfast at hotel, at 0900 leave for full day city tour of Chennai – The Capital city of Tamilnadu and the main centre of this region. Fort ST. George was built in 1640 AD, by the British East India Company under the direct supervision of Francis Day and Andrew Cogon. This place achieved its name from Saint George, the patron saint of England. The fort houses Saint Mary’s Church and Fort Museum. Saint Mary’s Church is the oldest Anglican Church built in 1680 and the tombstones in its courtyard are the oldest British tombstones in India. Marina Beach: its the second longest beach in the world, with a strech of 4.5 kms (2.5 miles). This strech is filled with statues of rememberence from our Tamil culture to our great leaders. A walk along the Marina in the evening creates elated feelings. The old buildings on side of Kamarajar Salai, a main road along the Marina, would remind you of the good old British days. People from all over the city gather here in the evenings to cool off and eat crispy “sundal and murukku”! ANNA Memorial: the memorial for ARINZAR ANNADURAI – leader of the Dravidian movement, affectionately called Anna. His speech in Tamil has enchanted millions. Adjoining to this memorial lays another for leader Dr. M.G. Ramachandran leader of AIADMK movement, commonly know as Puractchi Thalaivar MGR. Both of them are situated at the northern end of the Marina Beach. Both these leaders are still living in the hearts of Tamil Nadu people. Light House – a massive, tall structure situated at south end of the Marina Beach beckons the visitors in the evening and adds glory to the golden sands. All IndiaRadio (AIR) radio broadcast station is located opposite to the light house. Government Museum: previously known as Pantheon Complex in British period, today houses the Government Museum, Connemara Public Library and the National Art Gallery. The museum contains exhibits ranging from contemporary artifacts to prehistorical findings. Sculptures and bronzes of various periods, sections for zoology, anthropology and geology impress every visitor. Buddhist sculptures found in the Amaravathi section depict the events recorded in the life of the Buddha. Overnight stay at hotel. (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 03: Chennai – Thirupati (133 km – about 2 hours 39 mins)

    Morning breakfast at hotel, and proceed to Tirupathi – The Lord of seven hills. Upon arrival, check in at the hotel. Tirupathi is a temple town known for the famous ancient temple of Lord Venkateswara Bala Ji. This Shrine is richest shrine in country. Traditionally, the pilgrims get their hair shaved. The Image of Bala Ji has the attributes of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, The temple, with its soaring Gopurams and glided Vimna, is a fine example of Dravidian architecture. Afternoon, Pooja & Darshan at the temple. (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 04 – Thirupati – Kanchipuram – Mamallapuram  (205 km – about 3 hours 24 mins)

    Morning breakfast at hotel, and at 08:30 hrs drive to Mahabalipuram. Enroute visit Kanchipuram – one of the seven sacred cities of India, is famous for its exquistely woven silk sarees. It is a golden city of thousand temples of which 124 have withstood the ravages of time. This has the capital of the Pallavas. Kanchipuram is the holy city of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and it is for this reason that Kanchipuram is one of the seven holy cities of India and on the pilgrim route. Some have called Kanchipuram the “Varanasi of the South.” Though the temples in this city of gods and erstwhile kings date back to the 4th century, the finest temples were constructed in the 6th and 7th centuries. Kanchi was also the seat of learning, and Hindus and Buddhist philosophies flourished side by side. You can visit the famous Ekambareswara temple dedicated to lord Shiva at Kanchipuram, which is one of the five elements of nature representing “Earth.”  Then, have a short drive to visit the oldest temple constructed in sandstone by the Pallavas, the Kailashnatha temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lunch at Kanchipuram. Thereafter, continue your drive to Mamallapuram. Upon arrival check in at the hotel. After freshening up, leave for half day city tour. Built in the 7th century, earlier called Mahabalipuram, this ancient Pallava port is today the sight of several antique sculptural marvels. In this ancient seaside town, shrines and huge sculptures cut-out of rocks more than 1200 years back during the reign of Pallava Kings in the region can be seen. At the mouth of the river Palar, on large granite hall about 1 km in length from north to south is the site of many monuments, like The Descent of Ganges also known as Arjuna’s Penance, this open air sculpture showing the descent of the holy river, Krishna Mandap, The Rathas and the Shore temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Rest of the day at leisure. Overnight stay at hotel. Mahabalipuram – the ancient capital and sea port of Pallava kings is famous for its south Indian temple architecture. But today, it is a sleepy village living on its past glory and the tourist traffic. The sculptures and carvings are fascinating. Mahabalipuram is also known as the “city of seven pagodas,” for exquisite rock temples were carved out of solid stone. Five of the temples are known as “Rathas,” and on their walls lies the story of Hindu mythology lovingly carved out. The most famous of them is group of five rathas. This ratha is dedicated to the five Pandava princes and their consort-wife Draupadi. A group of elephants, one of them 5 meters long, known as “Arjuna Penance” is the most prominent feature of this sculpture. (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 05 – Mamallapuram – Pondicherry – Tiruvannamalai (230 kms – 4.5 hrs)

    Morning breakfast at the hotel, and at 0800 hrs drive to Pondicherry, which carries a strong whiff of the French presence in India. Legend says that Pondicherry is the place where St. Agasthaya settled down. Pondicherry – Pondicherry is a union teritory, which lies within the state of Tamil Nadu. The inherent ambience of Pondicherry becomes most evident in the oldest part of the town, which flanks the seashore boulevard. The French ruled this territory for 300 years, Pondicherry is a living monument of French Culture in India. The Aurobindo Ashram and ‘Auroville’, the international township is famous all over the world. Enroute visit Auroville – a unique experiment in international living, and in creating a new environment where men and women of all nationalities live together in harmony.  Continue your drive.  Do the city tour of Pondicherry, visit Aurbindo Ashram, and the city of dawn, which is 10kms north of Pondicherry. This ashram promotes Aurbindo’s ideas in bringing about a synthesis of Yoga and modern science, so as to unite the spirit and matter. Then, visit the Manakula Vinayagar Temple, war memorial and French Colony. Drive to Tiruvannamalai – Spiritual seekers from all over world come to Tiruvannamalai, a Pilgrimage city filled with living, enlightenment gurus . This ancient town has been built around Arunachala hill (annamalai hill), a mountain heavenly raising 4000 meters from the ground. Tiruvannamalai is famous for the sprawling temple of Arunachala, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Every full moon day, people walk around the annamalai hill and offer special prayers to Arunachala temple called Girivalam. Spiritual gurus Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Ramana Maharshi, Arabindo, Shesathiri Swamigal, Muniyandi swamigal, and many more saints and sadhus were living, and still living here, to bring the divine close to people. Rest of the day at leisure. (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 06 – Tiruvannamalai – Trichy – Madurai

    In the morning, visit the famous Sri Arunachaleshwara Temple dedicated for Lord Shiva, where the lingam signifies one of the five elements of Nature “Fire.” Drive to Trichy.  Visit the Srirangam Ranganathaswamy Temple, also called as “Paradise on the Earth,” where you can see all the 21 colorful towers by standing in the View Point.   Thereafter, continue your drive to Madurai. Madurai – One of South India’s great temple towns, Madurai is synonymous with the celebrated Meenakshi Temple. Situated on the banks of river Vaigai, Madurai has a rich, cultural heritage passed on from the great Tamil era, more than 2,500 years old. Madurai was an important cultural and commercial centre even as early as 550 AD. It was the capital city for the great Pandya kings. Upon arrival in Madurai, check in at the hotel. Afternoon, leave for city tour of Madurai, history that goes back to six centuries before Christ. The Pandyan rulers made this their capital until the 14th Century and the city flowered with the genius of its writers, builders, poets, and academics. Then, the Nayaks ruled Madurai from the middle of the 16th Century to 1743. The ten, tall Gopurams of the Meenakshi Temple were raised during their dynasty. Visiting – Sri Meenakshi  Sundereswarar Temple, Tirumalai Nayaka Palace, Mariamman Tank and Gandhi museum. (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 07 – Madurai – Rameshwaram

    Morning breakfast at the hotel, drive to Rameswaram. Rameshwaram – Rameshwaram, an island of Lord Rama’s temple at Tamil Nadu is a terrific destination. Along with being a major pilgrimage for the Hindus, Rameshwaram is a happening holiday spot too.The religious island is spread in an area of 61.8 square kilometers, and happens to be in the shape of a conch. The Ramanatha Swamy Temple occupies major area of Rameshwaram. The masterpiece of Dravidian architecture boasts of the largest temple corridor in India. Different rulers built the Ramanatha Swamy Temple over a period of time starting from the 12th century. The temple is comprised of twenty-two wells, where the taste of the water of each well is different from the other. The waters of the wells are believed to possess medicinal properties. Rameshwaram is where Lord Rama rested and prayed after his triumph over the demon king Ravan. A sacred site for both Vaishnavites and Shaivities, no Hindu pilgrimage is complete without a visit to this holy city. The island of Rameshwaram is one of the most venerable temple towns in India. Without a visit, the pilgrimage of a devout Hindu is not complete. (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 08 – Rameswaram – Kanyakumari (310 kms – 5.5 hours drive)

    Morning breakfast at the hotel, and drive to Kanyakumari – the land’s end of India where the water of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean meet. An important pilgrim centre of India. Kanyakumari – there are no words that can completely describe the beauty of Kanyakumari, and it remains one of the most popular tourist destinations of south India. Located in the southernmost point of the Indian mainland, it is a magnificent place of natural beauty where you can see the deep, blue waters of the ocean meeting the horizon. This southernmost town of Tamil Nadu is an important attraction for the tourists. Before you set out on a tour, you should have enough information about Kanyakumari that would help you explore the town conveniently. Upon arrival, check in at the hotel. Visit the famous Amman Temples – a symbol of unity and sanctity – dedicated to the virgin Goddess, Kanya Kumari. To the South – East, lies the famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial, a blend of all the architectural styles of India. (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 09 – Kanyakumari – Varkala

    In the morning, drive to Varkala, the only place where cliffs are only found adjacent to the Arabian Sea.  En route, have a visit to the famous Padmanabhapuram Palace, a magnificent 16th century Palace, a fine specimen of Kerala’s Indigenous Architecture.  Continue your drive, and check in at the hotel. In the evening, we go for a short beach visit. Nestled between the azure, blue seas and the soul-filling magnificence of the mysterious Western Ghats, Kerala is sheer magic. To be experienced by the body, mind, and soul, precisely why Kerala is renowned as ‘Gods own Country’. Kerala has everything a traveler looks out for. Exciting beaches, sedated backwaters, enthralling hinterlands, spell-binding high ranges, an awe-inspiring rich cultural heritage and Ayurveda. One can’t wish for more! (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 10 – Varkala – Alleppey Houseboat

    Occupying the best of Kerala is Alleppey, renowned across the world as ‘Venice of the East’, an enchanting landscape, pristine nature and refreshing greenery. Alleppey is more than its geography, it is an experience. Go for a stroll along the scenic countrysides. Board the houseboat for the backwaters cruise. We board A/c House Boat in Back Waters of Alappuzha, and overnight in the houseboat. A “Kerala Backwater Cruise” allows you to go into countryside, and offers a close look the at rustic village. Life-skiff-fishermen launching their cockleshell boats, large flocks of domesticated ducks waddling down to the water from thatched houses on the banks, aimless cattle grazing in fertile pastures, lotuses floating here and there in small shallow ponds, canals or waterways vary in dimension from being wide enough to be dubbed lakes, lush green rice fields thinning out into the distance and coconut groves with the occasional temple or church, ostensibly rich with marine bounty all around the snaky silvers of freshwater or simply soaking up the sun!!! (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 11 – Alappuza – Cochin (53.0 km – about 1 hour 3 mins)

    After the breakfast, check out from the houseboat. We proceed to Cochin. Cochin, which is also known as the Queen of Arabian Sea, is a perfect blend of natural beauty and history! It’s a place where history stands tall amongst the sea and greenery. Out of all the places you will see here, the most admirable is the Jewish Synagogue. Also known as Mattancherry Synagogue, was built by Jews. What is attractive here is the Glass work, Chinese titles, Belgian Chandeliers and the wall paintings. The second place you will visit is the Dutch Palace built by the Portuguese in 1557, as a gift to the then King. A 2 story building, it has a central courtyard and a number of temples inside it. Nearby are the Santa Cruz Basilica and St. Francis Church. After visiting these, we shall take you to a beautiful restaurant to have a sumptuous, South Indian Lunch. After lunch, we will move on to see the Indian Portuguese Museum, established by Dr. Kurtheera. It has 5 sections including the Altar, Treasure, Procession, Civil Life and Cathedral. In the evening, we shall take you to Cherai Beach. En route, we will pass by the Cochin harbor. Here, you can see hundreds of ships fastened in all colors and sizes. It is one of the most alluring beaches of Cochin. It also happens to be the longest beach of Cochin.   For dinner, we shall take you to a beach side restaurant, where you can again enjoy the delicacies of Cochin amidst the low lights which fall on the waters of the sea. You can also sit by the sea shore and enjoy the stars and the moon as they play in the sky. (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 12 – Full day visit of Cochin

    After the Breakfast, have a drive to Fort Kochi.  Visit important places like Chinese Fishing Nets, fixed land installations for fishing, which might have been introduced by the Chinese Explorer Zheng He. Then, have a visit at St.Francis Church, the oldest Protestant Church in India, where you can find the tomb of Great Portuguese Sailor Vasco-Da-Gama. In the evening, have a spectacle of Traditional Kerala Dance “Kathakali.”  The make-up starts from 05:30 pm.  Return back to the hotel. (Meals: B, L, D)

    Day 13 – Cochin – Ahmadabad – EWR/ JFK

    After breakfast we proceed to airport for our onward journey.  Our Service ends at Ahmadabad airport. (Meals: B)

  • Inclusions: Exclusions:
    • Deluxe 4 * Hotel Accommodation
    • All Transfers And Sightseeing As Per The Itinerary
    • AC luxury coach
    • All Entrance Tickets As Per The Itinerary
    • Breakfast, Lunch,  Dinner
    • Services Of Maxim Tour Escort (English/Hindi/Gujarati speaking)


    • International Airfare & taxes
    • Air ticket – EWR / JKF – Ahmadabad / Mumbai to Chennai – & Cochin – Ahmadabad / Mumbai  – EWR / JFK
    • Expenses of personal nature such as laundry, baggage handling, shopping, drinks
    • Any incidental Charges at the Hotel
    • Cost of Visa
    • Any other services that is not mentioned in this package.


    Date Place of Stay Name of the Hotel Room Category
    6 – NOV – 2016 Chennai Hotel Accord Metropolitan or similar Superior
    7 – NOV – 2016 Chennai Hotel Accord Metropolitan or similar Superior
    8 – NOV – 2016 Tirupati Hotel Fortune Select Grand Ridge or similar Standard
    9 – NOV – 2016 Mahabalipuram Hotel Grande Bay Resort or similar Grand Studio
    10 – NOV – 2016 Tiruvannamalai Hotel Sparsa or similar Deluxe
    11 – NOV – 2016 Madurai Hotel Heritage or similar Deluxe Club
    12 – NOV – 2016 Rameswaram Hotel Daiwik or similar Superior
    13 – NOV – 2016 Kanyakumari Hotel Sparsa or similar Deluxe
    14 – NOV – 2016 Varkala Hotel Palm Tree Heritage or similar Deluxe
    15 – NOV – 2016 Alleppey Houseboat Deluxe
    16 – NOV – 2016 Kochi Hotel Dream or similar Superior
    17 – NOV – 2016 Kochi Hotel Dream or similar Superior
  • Highlights of the tour

    • Chennai and Chennai city tour (Marina Beach, ANNA Memorial, Light House, Government Museum)

     Temple of Lord Tiripathi Venkateswara Bala Ji

    • Ekambareswara temple
    • Kanchipuram
    • Mamallapuram
    • Tiruvannanmalai
    • Pondicherry ( Vardaraja Perumal Temple, Vedapureeswarar Temple)
    • Madurai (Sri Meenakshi  Sundereswarar temples )
    • Rameshwaram
    • Kanyakumari ( Amman Temples )
    • Kerala backwater cruise
    • Cochin
    1. We take flight from EWR/ JFK to Ahmedabad/ Mumbai on 3 NOV  ( Included in the Package cost)
    1. We reach Ahmedabad/ Mumbai on 4 NOV.
    1. We Put our baggage and spend 5 NOV on your own in Ahmedabad/ Mumbai
    1. We take flight to Ahmedabad/ Mumbai to Chennai on 6 NOV( Included in package cost)
    1. We start the tour on 6 NOV 2016
    1. On 17 NOV we go from Cochin to Ahmedabad/ Mumbai ( Included in package cost)
    1. From 17 NOV 2016 to 20 FEB 2017 you stay India on your own
    1. We have returm flight from Ahmedabad/ Mumbai to EWR/ JFK on 20 FEB 2017 ( Included in the Tour cost)
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